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Lucent Series
Through constant research and a desire to meet the increasing demands of professionals and consumers, HI-MACSŪ has created a new range of lucent colors! The new range of lucent colors in elegant and pure material constitutes a true shades than with standard colors. Its translucent aspect allows you to play with light and color, inviting your imagination to run free !
S302 Opal
S304 Ruby
S305 Emerald
S303 Sapphire
This soft and fresh palette comes in the four shades: S302 Opal, available in 12mm and 6mm, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, available in 12mm.
  • HI-MACSŪ Lucent colors are translucent. Substrate shadowing may appear.
  • Darker colors will show ordinary wear and tear readily than lighter colors or patterns.
  • Colors have unique qualities. Printed representation of colors will vary from actual samples.
  • Must view actual product prior to purchase.